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Be Recognized as One of Karen's Top Businesses


 The awards program is open to all entrepreneurs, SMEs, large organizations, and related individuals, involved in the business industry in Karen. Any person, group, or organization may nominate a business online. To be eligible, a business must have a physical address in the greater Karen area

Award Process

The Business Awards competition is designed for convenience of the entrant by nominations and submissions online.

  • Step 1 : Online Nomination
  • Step 2 : Nomination Acceptance
  • Step 3 : Online Voting & Jury
  • Step 4 : Winners Presentations


Upon nomination, it's imperative that the nominee should accept the nomination and participate at will in the awards process. An acceptance fee of Kes. 6,500 is required to participate in the awards; the fee will enable us perform the administrative tasks related to the awards. Your acceptance forms may include, but not limited to:

  • Brief synopsis to approximately 350 words - the brief should strengthen your entry, as well as providing the jury a better understanding of your project.
  • Image Submission - The submissions should be saved in a flattened JPEG or JPG format. (keep them under 4MB, 1,200px wide is preferable, 300dpi, RGB).
  • Video/Audio Submission - Entries with audio/video must be submitted with a direct URL that will take judges directly to the work Social Media Links: - Youtube, Google Business Page, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter e.t.c

Awards Process

Each submission is rated by a panel of judges on a scale of 1-50 points. The popular vote accounts for up to 50 points while the judges score account for up to 50 points. The winner will be selected based on cumulative total of both judges score, and the popular vote. Judges are selected based on experience, credibility, and availability amongst enterpreneurs and professionals within the Karen community. Each finalist will be visited by at least one judge prior to the scoring. Our judges will score on a scale of 1-50 based on: customer Service, business acumen, business expertise and acceptance submissions amongst other factors.

Why Participate?

'Best of Karen' Business Awards strives to keep the awards financially accessible and its judging process impartial. We also keeps our submission process simple, and everything can be completed online. The Awards Honors the Far-Reaching efforts of entrepreneurs and organizations in all businesses in the greater Karen area, whose contributions are far beyond the norm, and proudly contribute to the growth of the business community in Karen.

Be recognized for your astounding business feats, innovative products and services, dedication to customer service and so much more!

Additional benefits include:

  • Recognition as one of the TOP Small Businesses in Karen
  • This Award is a great differentiator for your Product or Service.
  • Instant credibility for new and existing clients
  • Give your sales a boost and show your new & old customers your company’s achievements
  • Great positive exposure for your business
  • Leverage your award recognition to gain more media exposure for your company
Award Categories:

1. Arts Galleries
12. Clothing Stores
23. Home Decor
34. Security Services
2. Architecture & Interior Design
13. Construction & Renovations
24. Hotel & Accommodation
35. Restaurants
3. Aviation & Private Charters
14. Dental Practice
25. IT & Computer Stores
36. Real Estate Services
4. Advertising & Marketing
15. Early Childhood Education
26. Kids Entertainment
37. Schools & Colleges
5. Bakery & Cake Stores 16. Event Planners & Caterers
27. Liquor Stores
38. Tours & Travel
6. Butchery 17. Event Venues
28. Non-Profit
39. Other Services
7. Banking & Financial 18. Gift Shops & Souvenirs
29. Pediatric Clinic
40. Veterinary & Pet Services
8. Bars & Bistros
19. Fitness & Leisure Sports
30. Performing Arts
9. Beauty & Cosmetics
20. Furniture & Appliances
31. Physiotherapy
10. Car Repairs & Maintenance
21. Health & Medicare
32. Salon & Barbershops
11. Car Hire & Sales
33. Spa & Wellness
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