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About The Awards

About The Awards

The 'Best of Karen' Business Awards
The awards celebrate the best of the best and recognize the outstanding contribution of professionals and businesses across Karen in 30+ categories. This awards program allows attendees to enhance and expand their business awareness and market within the Karen community and beyond, while also giving finalists a unique opportunity to relish the spotlight, and boost their credibility and reputation.
Location: TBD
Friday 24 November, 2023
About Event
Best of Karen Awards Gala

Best of Karen Awards Gala

Why attend the Awards Gala?
The 'Best of Karen' awards gala night will provide a unique opportunity for you and your brand to relish the spotlight.
Be recognised as Karen’s best of the best and boost your credibility and reputation in the community
Share your capabilities and your passion to drive forward positive change in the business community.
Celebrate your hard work and accept your shining moment in your style.
Why attend the Awards Gala?

The Competition Timelines

Best of Karen Awards Important Dates!
1 Topic 1 7th July, 2023
7th July 2023
Online Nominations

Business Nominations Start

Duration: 60-days
Finalists are selected based on the number of nominations they receive from the public, the more nominations received, the better chance of being selected as a finalist.There is no arbitrary cut-off point, as the number of nominations received varies for each category.
2 Topic 2 1st October 2023
Online Voting
Online Voting

Voting Begins on 1st October 2023

1st October - 15th November 2023
The list of finalists will be available for online voting from 1st October 2023 to 15th November 2023. The voting links will be available on the awards website; and will be displayed on a prominent spot on each of the participating business enterprises. The judges will covertly visit each of the finalists for a first-hand experience as part of the awards process.
3 Topic 3 24th November 2023
Awards Gala

'Best of Karen' Awards Gala

5:30PM - 10:00PM
The "Best of Karen' Business Awards Gala will be a special occasion in which Karen's most outstanding entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses are rewarded.
Schedule Plan
Featured Nominees
#2 Waterfront Mall, Karen Road, Karen, 94043
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